A high-touch and highly transformative optimal health method to burn fat and balance hormones for permanent results

Functional Fat Loss + Hormone Expert


  • Felt like no matter how little you eat you can’t lose weight?

  • Seen an increase in lower belly and back fat?

  • Gained weight no matter how little you eat?

  • Experienced brain fog & midday crashes?

  • Feel or look pregnant from the crazy amount of bloat?

  • Lost every ounce of your sex drive?

  • Felt like you have little to no energy, no matter how much sleep you get?

  • Deal with hair loss or increased hair growth?

  • Felt like you are stressed and on edge 24/7?

  • Just not felt like yourself anymore?

You’re frustrated. And you should be. You’re doing the right things, but you’re not getting the right results, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s even worth it

Now Imagine...

Having a customized strategy with proven results so that you can finally get results

Knowing exactly what is going on with your hormones & metabolism so you can feel like you again

Understanding your body, how and why it burns or stores fat so you can stop stressing over gaining weight

Learning about macros and how to utilize them for long-term success so you never have to worry about over or under-eating again

Having short but effective workouts that work for your busy schedule, so you can spend more time with your family and friends

Having a coach and support system 24/7 so you are never alone on the good or bad days

And Imagine Getting These Results...

Busy women, moms and business owners just like you….

THIS IS a program created for you - the woman who feels like all they do is think about their weight-loss goals...

Let me show you

I was just like you.

I was trying too hard to act like I was happy, but deep down, I was miserable. I hated my body, and it seemed to affect all areas of my life. I felt like I wasn't present with my kids, and my marriage was crumbling in front of me. I knew I needed to do something, but with so many different options and people telling me different things, I didn't know which way to go and feared falling flat on my face.

Then, one day, sitting on the couch in tears, watching my kids, I knew something had to change. I had to say "YES" to myself and find the old Brenda once again. That one single "YES" completely changed my body and my life forever.

I was able to trial and error my way to a complete body transformation. Those trials and errors led me to discover the perfect combination of fat loss, hormone health, and mindset to allow me to live my life and have control over my body.Four years later, I've helped hundreds of other women transform their bodies and balance hormones.

Now, I have taken the exact strategies I used to change my body and life, and placed them all inside this high-touch coaching container for busy women who are ready for sustainable fat loss.

There is no more questioning... this WILL work for you!

If you can check off more than 2, then this program is right for you...



  • COMPREHENSIVE HORMONE PANEL so we know exactly what has been going on with your body and how we are going to fix it

  • PRIVATE KICK-OFF CALL WITH A LICENSED HEALTH PRACTIONIONER to go over your results and give you your personalized protocol for optimal physical and mental health

  • CUSTOMIZED MACROS TO FIT YOUR BODY AND GOALS to ensure that you are never feeling stuck or hit a plateau

  • MEAL PLAN TEMPLATES, RECIPE GUIDES AND SHOPPING LISTS to fit your crazy life so that you aren't spending hours in the kitchen, making more than one meal for the family, or spending money on things you don't need

  • WORKOUTS (HOME OR GYM) 20-30 min efficient and effective because we don't have time for hours in the gym

  • NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS to aid you in your journey and replace nutrients you are naturally lacking

  • MONTHLY PRIVATE COACHING CALL with personalized feedback, goal-setting, training, and Q&A so that you are never stuck and always moving towards your goals with support

  • WEEKLY DIGITAL CHECK-IN to check your biofeedback and evaluate success and struggles

  • 24/7 ACCESS TO YOUR BADASS COMMUNITY of like-minded women. The place for endless encouragement, suggestions, tips/tricks and more!

  • WEEKLY TRAININGS to ensure you know what we are doing and why we are doing it so that you never have to hire a coach again. You will be the coach when we are done

  • BONUS: 30-minute program walkthrough call prior to getting started

The Missing Piece

Have you felt like something was off? Like you just don't feel like yourself and things aren't working the way they should. Chances are you are right. Your body is telling you what is wrong and it's time to listen to it. Let's start piecing this puzzle together and get you permanent results!

Let’s Do This

It's not just a group!


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